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Debt collect sa


Debt Collect SA is a fully licensed Recovery Agency focused on outstanding debt recoveries. Debt Collect SA is a member of the Debt Collecting Council of South Africa. We offer tailor-made solutions for your company’s unique requirements.

Together we have 24 years’ experience in the Debt Collecting field and 27 years’ experience in the security industry.

Debt Collect SA has a team of qualified professionals who act within the set rules and regulations of the debt collecting council of South Africa. We work together with other agencies to better the chances of collecting the debt.

Debt Collect SA is located in Cape Town, however, we operate both nationally and internationally.

We are of the opinion that people pay more regularly if Debt Collect SA is involved in the collection process.

Striving towards financial justice.

How we work

We do not make use of call centres with the auto diallers. We prefer to conduct our business on a face to face basis.

We aim to help you to make an informed decision relating to the collection of your bad debt through our professional debt recovery agency.

We normally compile a monthly progress report for all our clients or on a more frequent basis, should the need arise.

We also focus on achieving results by combining technology, experience and professionalism to all our customers’ debt collection challenges.


Members of:

The Council for Debt Collectors


The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA)

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(PSIRA NO: 102517) (ASIS SEC DIP.)
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Cell: 079 485 0363
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